Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne & Francis “The Removalist” Chua podcast #132

On this episode we are joined by 2 of the Headline fighters on the big fight card down in Wollongong on the 21/4/21, Lucas Big Daddy Browne & Francis The Removalist Chua.

Big Daddy Browne & Francis Chua podcast #132

Big Daddy certainly doesn’t hold back in this interview and it’s one funny chat with the big fella once again. The chat with Francis Chua also funny and insightful. Both Men have definitely put their weight class on notice as ones to watch out for still.

The panel also hands out their Jordan & Derek awards from the weekends play. As always there are some good laughs involved with that.

The panel finish it up with Laying their Frizzy’s on the line for the weekends sporting events. Enjoy the podcast and as always, keep your balls between the lines!!!