Talking Sharks with Aaron Woods podcast #134

On this episode we are joined by Aaron Woods from NRL club the “Cronulla Sharks”. Woodsy talks about the great start to the season the team is having and what off season training was like for them. Woodsy also updates us on the return of fellow player Shaun Johnson.

Talking Sharks with Aaron Woods podcast

Woodsy shares a few laughs with banter handed out to fellow teammates like Matt Moylan and his old playing mates “Stewie” Flanagan and Dave Klemmer. He pays tribute to Benji Marshall too and gives us his thoughts on other hot topics currently circling around in the NRL.

The Panel also hands out their Jordan and Derek awards from the weekends play and Lay their Frizzy’s on the line for the weekends play coming.

The rounds just passed in the NRL and AFL are also discussed as is the leaders of the itipfooty competition.

Enjoy the podcast and as always Champions, “Keep your balls between the lines”.