Cheers To The Super Bowl Podcast

G’day Champions, here’s the first Episode for Season 5. On this Poddy we talk about the Super Bowl for 2022 between the Rams and Bengals. We lay the Frizzy’s on the line with our predictions.

The question is also asked, “What is one team that you like who came last or near it, then made the big dance the next year?”

The NRL Footy tipping competition will also be up again with bragging rights on the line, Prizes and plenty of Banter.

The NRL Allstars game is also discussed. The Australian results are discussed and we ask the question “What would Nick do?”

UFC 271 is discussed before the panel touch on the Australian Cricket team Black Belting Langer.

Enjoy the podcast Champions and as always, “Keep your Balls Between the Lines”.