This Weeks Podcast with David “Cement” Gillespie

David “Cement” Gillespie joined us for a chat this week on the podcast. He’s known as one of Rugby Leagues hardest men and hardest hitters. Cement Won 3 Premierships in his career (2 with the Bulldogs, 1 with the Sea eagles) and also had a fantastic Representative career too.

Cement talks about his running battle with Peter Sterling and his input to the “Chief” Harragon Vs “Spud” Carroll famous episode in Newcastle.

Cement also shares some funny stories about Peter Kelly tackling a skunk while on an end of season footy trip, as well as the time Peter Kelly dropped Bullfrog Moore after putting one on his chin.

It’s a hilarious podcast to listen to and here is the link to play from

What’s your favourite memory of Cement?

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