Introducing Kristy

Armchair Champions, we put out the call on Social Media last week that we were seeking a female to join the team and add to the fun with a perspective from a female. After receiving numerous applications and CV’s, we had to narrow it down to 5. We do thank all of you who sent in you applications too.

Drum role please Derek………. Welcome to the Armchair Champions “Kristy McVay”!!!!!

Kristy is a passionate sports lover and loves her Penrith Panthers in the NRL. Kristy also has 3 kids who all love their sport and is always helping out at sporting games too. Kristy is a team player and doesn’t mind putting the rest of the panel in line if they step over it.. Yep we are looking at you Unit and Viper lol.

Now is the challenging task of crowning Kristy with a nickname for the podcast. Kristy stands about 5 foot nothing, looks like Mila Kunas and loves her Tik Tok videos. What can you/we come up for her Champions?

Kristy is also a talented photographer and can be seen down at local Rugby League games taking pics for the clubs playing. You can find Kristy at kristymcvay_photographer on Instagram. Check her page out and give it a follow.

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