Who’s your GOAT?

This week we stepped in to “Sheriff’s Office” to have a chat about the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) term in sport. It’s always a good topic to throw around with your mates to get their perspective as to who their GOAT is and in what sport.

It’s pretty hard to name an individual sport where there is a hands down, no questions asked, defining GOAT. A lot of the discussion then goes in to what era did that person play the sport and what technology was available to them during their career.

A lot of people suggested that Tom Brady was the GOAT in the NFL, but the argument there is that he had great defense protecting him and great Running Backs and Wide Receivers who caught his throws. Sure, he’s won 6 Superbowls so his name is well and truly in the mix, but does that make him the GOAT?

Tennis is another sport where Roger Federer would be an obvious choice for most, but how good is the technology with today’s rackets compared to the old school wooden ones form when Rod Laver was winning?

Golf is another sport that throws up a lot of names with the likes of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus continuing to be mentioned. Once again, technology plays a part and the modern day Golfers doing work outs to keep fit, where the older generation didn’t.

So who’s your GOAT and from what sport? We’d love your feedback below Champions.

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