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“This is our last goodbye. I hate to feel the love between us die. But it’s over. Just hear this and then I’ll go. You gave me more to live for. More than you’ll ever know…”

How can a Jeff Buckley song written in 1994 perfectly encapsulate my feelings towards the end of the 20 day, 33 game footy bonanza? Is there such a thing as too much footy? What a blasphemous thing to say! As a Cats fan living in Queensland, I’ve been blessed to watch my team play at The Gabba and at Metricon Stadium over the past two weeks. I’ll have at least another two opportunities to watch them in person before the finals begin. I would’ve never dreamt of such things before the commencement of the 2020 season. 

You’d be surprised how many footy fans live in Queensland that support a team other than The Lions or The Suns. Richmond Tigers supporters were out in full force in the final game of the gluttony of football we’ve been blessed to have. Mind you, winning two premierships in three years does tend to bring out the fair-weather fans. Now that we’re back to regular programming in regards to the fixtures, it will be interesting to see how the top eight ends up. Hopefully you didn’t take out a second mortgage to fund your future bets after my predictions a while back. I’m sorry. I truly am! Let me reflect on how my crystal ball led me astray. 

My top 8 predictions as of the 22nd June 2020

  1. Collingwood Magpies
  2. Richmond Tigers
  3. Brisbane Lions
  4. GWS Giants- My 2020 flag favourites
  5. Port Adelaide Power
  6. North Melbourne Kangaroos/Hawthorn Hawks
  7. Geelong Cats
  8. Gold Coast Suns

My goodness, my predictions were way off weren’t they? Keep in mind that this somewhat misguided prediction was made prior to the start of Round Four. A lot has happened in the subsequent eight rounds of footy since. For starters, the West Coast Eagles are on a seven game winning streak after five consecutive games at Perth’s Optus Stadium. Coincidence you say, let’s see how they play against an ordinary looking GWS Giants this week played at, you guessed it, Optus Stadium. Hang on a second Uncle Oyster, are you suggesting that West Coast’s form resurgence is due to their home ground advantage and a favourable draw? Absolutely not! Is it a coincidence that the three games Brisbane have lost this season have all been games played away from The Gabba? With Queensland’s A.F.L hub still in full effect, the dominance of the Lions should still continue. Will they lose in straight sets like last year despite having two home finals? Probably. Brisbane’s form of late has been sketchy to say the least. There’s only so much Lachie Neale and Dayne Zorko can do.With the remaining six rounds still to play, I will unveil my predicted top eight once more! This time, it shall be a more accurate depiction!

Without further ado, Oyster’s Top Eight

1. Brisbane Lions 2. Port Adelaide Power3. Richmond Tigers4. Geelong Cats5. West Coast Eagles6. Collingwood Magpies7. St Kilda Saints8. Greater Western Sydney Giants (with no real confidence mind you)
In my opinion, we’re down to a three horse race between Richmond, West Coast and Geelong. Richmond face both West Coast and Geelong before the finals. West Coast play against GWS, St Kilda and Western Bulldogs during a tricky run home to end the season. Geelong go up against Richmond, Western Bulldogs and Sydney Swans to complete the year. After seeing Geelong smash both Brisbane and Port Power and losing a close one against West Coast in Perth, Chris Scott’s team have flown under the radar of so called experts as a genuine premiership threat. I honesty can’t see any other team winning. Collingwood are injury ravaged, GWS Giants are finding it hard it get out of second gear and Port Adelaide are pretenders.

Knowing my luck, the teams I’ve put a line through will prove me wrong… again! That’s the beauty at footy isn’t it? Just when you think your team is flying high, key injuries will occur. Just when you’re ready to send back your membership card and burn your guernsey in a fit of rage, they win a few in a row and hit their straps at the right time of the season. We’ve seen a fair bit of that in recent times haven’t we? Which team will replicate Western Bulldogs’ amazing finals run in 2016? Which player will have a Dom Sheed like moment in 2018 where his goal sealed the premiership win? Only time will tell.

Whatever happens in 2020, it will be a season that will never be forgotten. I’m strapping myself in and enjoying the ride while it lasts.
Oyster #59Centre Half Back for the Souths Sharks Masters AFC 2020

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