Sonny “Rings” Williams podcast #105

Champions here’s this weeks podcast of your mid week sports fix. On This episode the panel jump straight into handing out their Jordan & Derek Awards from the sports world and as usual Unit comes up with something strange lol

Sonny “Rings” Williams Podcast

The Derek awards are blunt and brutal as 2 of the panelists have their own clubs in the firing line.

The NRL wrap is next with the hot topic Sonny “Rings” Williams discussed and debated on. The Panthers are running for 12 straight victories against the Hapless Broncos and Sheriff puts his kahunas on the line with a massive upset on that game.

The NFL is kicking off next week, so Sheriff and Viper give us rundown to what’s been happening and all Krackers can think of is Jimmy rig.

The NBA are deep in to the Playoffs so Unit gives us quick update and sporting prediction for them.

Oyster jumps on the line with his AFL wrap and predictions for the finals coming up.

Then the panel finish off by laying their Frizzy’s on the line with this weeks sporting predictions. Enjoy the podcast and as always champions, “Keep your Balls between the lines”.

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