Class of 2020 Podcast

Class of 2020 Podcast

Champions it’s here, the laughs and best of 2020. There are plenty of good times had on this podcast and the stories told by our guests will leave you in stitches.

We would like to thank all of the guests that we’ve had on this year and all of the listeners that tune in week in and week out to hear our dribble.

We’d like to thank the sponsors that have also made this podcast possible, National Locksmiths, Kristy McVay Photography, Stanton & Taylor Real Estate, MGACTIV, Mescon Constructions, 4 Seasons Plumbing, Taylor and Co Legal and Bottoms Up NSW…

Next year we have a lot of big name guests lined up and we have some big announcements to come in regards to Super Bowl Day. Please keep following us on our Social Pages and please help spread the word.

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