Drew Brees to play 20

Drew Brees will lace his boots up for his 20th season. In doing so, he will become the 20th NFL player to play 20 seasons.

In playing at least one game next season, Brees will become the 20th player in NFL history to play in 20 or more seasons, per NFL Research.


At 41 years old, Drew Brees is currently the all-time leader in passing yards (77,416) and passing touchdowns (547). Though Tom Brady‘s second-place yardage total is a distant second at 74,571, Brady’s second-place touchdown total stands currently at 541. Thus, there could be some jockeying throughout the 2020 season between the all-time greats and drinkers of the fountain of youth. Brady, of course, has also eclipsed 20 seasons in the league.

All Saints fans will breathe a sigh of relief with this news.

What’s your thoughts on Drew Brees playing on Champions?

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