NBA All star game reinvented

The 2020 NBA All Stars game was held over the weekend and it seems to have rejuvenated the event. Over the last few years, the weekend had become a bit of a borefest with the players not really taking it too seriously.

With the idea to include 2 local charities (from Chicago) and give them the opportunity to win some cash, it was a stroke of genius by all involved. The players took it a little more seriously as they were offerring $100K to what ever teams (who won the quarter) charity and they had the kids from the charities sitting in their (charities) t-shirts behind the basket at each end of the court.

The Dunk Comp caused a little controversy too, as apparently scoring four 50 point dunks in a row can’t guarantee the trophy. All in all, it was good to watch and the main game was something to cheer about to. 

For the record, Team Lebron took the title by 2 points.

What was you thoughts of the weekend Champions?

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