Was it “Simply the Best?”

As talked about in “Sheriffs Office” this week, the NRL has come under fire again for it’s advert campaign promoting season 2020. Lot’s of people stated their disgust of it on Social Media, with most of it aimed at Latrell Mitchell holding an Aboriginal Flag by himself in the water at the beach.

Fans were outraged that it seems to be all about him lately and have dissed the rest of the superstars in the comp.

Others were unhappy with the ladies sharing a kiss, saying that this advert is not about the game of Rugby League, rather a political statement.

Then there were some die hard fans who weren’t happy with the retired players shown, having incorrect dates attached to them for when they played etc.

We personally got goose bumps when we heard the indigenous girl sing and after watching the highlights of previous Grand Finals, it made us wanting season 2020 to hurry up and kick off. 

What’s your thoughts on this one Champions?

Let us know below.


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