Kyle Flanagan Podcast #89

Champions on this episode we are joined by the NRL Sydney Roosters player Kyle Flanagan. Kyle talks about his win in the World club challenge against St Helens earlier this year. We talk about the transition from leaving the Cronulla Sharks to become a Rooster and what his Dad (Shane) thought about it.

Kyle talks about the training he’s recieveing from Goal kicking coaches at the Roosters Nick Davis & Jason Taylor. We have lot’s of laughs when he informs us of who the Pranksters were at the Sharks and what JWH is like off the paddock. It’s a great chat with a very promising young player in the NRL.

We also hand out the Jordan & Goose awards. The Jordan awards are from the year 2013 and the Goose topics are from relevant events. There’s a few good laughs in that segment too.

We wrap it up with “Vipers Pit” and a story he tells us about an incident that happened in the 4th Ashes test with Tim Payne and David Warner. This one will leave tears in your eyes.

Enjoy the podcast.

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