Erin Molan Podcast #89

Champions on this episode we are joined by Channel 9 and 2GB’s Erin Molan. Erin is the host of the Friday night and Sunday NRL Footy show and part of the Continuous Call Team. The panel discusses the current May 28th kickoff and the potential road blocks with players not taking the Flu Jab.

Erin talks about how she entered the media and became a sports journalist as well as having to deal with media trolls once she had arrived.

We also have a lot of laughs with things she has seen around the grounds and sledges she’s recieved. We talk about her involvement with the Big Marn and Beau Ryan and what they are like off the air.

It’s a great chat with Erin and we appreciated her coming on the show.

This week the Jordan and Goose awards are handed out from current events and 2020. NFL, NRL, AFL, UFC and Boxing are all talked about.

The Panel also discusses some “Grabbing Headlines” from events in the sporting week from the NRL and Cricket.

Enjoy the Podcast and as always, “Keep your balls between the lines”.

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