Sergeant Nathan King Podcast #91

Champions on this episode of the Armchair Champions we have a chat with an Australian athlete who is competing in the “Invictus Games” in 2021, Sergeant Nathan King.

Sgt King is competing in a few different events and he talks about his preparation for these and how he came to competing in them. It’s a really inspiring chat with Sgt King and after speaking to him, we have no doubt he will be wearing a medal around his neck after the games.

Sgt King also talks about other Celebrities involved with the Invictus Games besides Harry and how we can all help sponsor the Australian team. The Panel also have a few laughs with Sgt King when he hands out his Jordan & Derek awards for the year.

Also on this episode, the Panel hands out their “Jordan” awards from the year 2004 and then discuss the “Derek” events that arose during the week.

The NRL is also back on, so the Panel discuss the round 3 match ups and other happenings from the NRL world before laying our frizzy’s on the line and handing our our predictions for Round 3.

Enjoy the podcast Champions and as always “Keep your balls between the lines”.

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