Talking Knights with Mitch Barnett Podcast #97

Armchair Champions on this episode, due to the Newcastle Knights being in good form lately, we decided to catch up with one of our favourites “Mitch Barnett” to talk about them.

Podcast #97 here

Barney chats about the form the players are in and what the new coach has installed in them. Barney also talks about individual players and what they have changed to be in red hot form.

We talk about his return from injury and how far off he is from returning to the paddock. As always we have a few laughs with Barney and we look forward to catching up with him again soon.

The panel also hands out their “Jordan & Derek” Awards from the weekends play.

The panel also do a sports wrap up from the weekend before laying their “Frizzy’s” on the line for this weeks sports.

Enjoy the podcast and as always Champions, “keep your Balls between the lines”.

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