Tamsyn (Lewis) Manou Podcast #98

Champions on this episode we are joined by Australian Olympian, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Indoor World Champion and 18 time Australian Champion, “Tamsyn Manou”.

Tamsyn talks about her successful career on the track and her experiences at the Olympic Games. Tamsyn also gives us an insight at to what Cathy Freeman is like to be around and what type of a person she is.

Tamsyn lets fly with some cracking sledges from back when she was competing and explains the famous sledge with Jana Pittman. We also have plenty of laughs about stories from when she was on tour and she also breaks the silence on which Country used the most condoms at the Sydney Olympics.

Tamsyn was an absolute pleasure to talk to and she would have to be one of the funniest guests we’ve had on the show to date.

The panel also hands out their “Jordan & Derek” awards for the week and the bar table is left Stained with beer after that segment.

Captain tells it how it is over at the Bulldogs at the moment and what he believes should happen to selecting a coach and players they should target.

The Panel discusses the weekend wrap up from the NRL before laying their Frizzy’s on the line for this weekends sports.

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Until next week, as always, “keep your balls between the lines”

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