NRL talk with Scott Sattler Podcast 99

Armchair Champions on this podcast episode we dive into all of the latest topics happening in the NRL with 2003 Premiership Player “Scott Sattler”

NRL talk with Scott Sattler podcast

Satts tells us where the Coaches went wrong before losing their post and who should be the targeted candidate to take over. Satts also talks about players available left from The Toronto Wolfpack folding and if he would sign any of them including Sonny Bill Williams.

Satts talks about the red hot form of the Penrith Panthers and sees a lot of comparisons to the 2003 winning side. He then shares some funny yarns on ex teammates Martin Lang and Craig Gower.

The panel also lay their Frizzy’s on the line for this week and Viper gives the AFL another chance.

The Jordan and Derek awards are handed out from the weekends play by the panel before doing a complete wrap up from the weekends AFL and Motorsport.

And as always champions “Keep your Balls between the lines”

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