UFC 248 Israel Adesanya v Yoel Romero

What had the makings, as one of the best matchups in UFC history was nothing more than a snoozefest! Romero who had an absolute war with Rob Whittiker came out in the first round and just didn’t move, he let Adesanya dance around the ring and both fighters really didn’t engage! The second round was more of the same and it wasn’t until the third and fourth rounds that Adesnaya started to attack the lead leg of Romero and it looked like we might be getting a fight. Romero showed flashes of the aggressive style that he is known for however overall the fight was a non-event. Adesanya retained his UFC belt in one of the most bizarre fights in UFC history, Dana White UFC president was quoted as saying ‘It Sucked’

Lucky for all us UFC fans the fight between Zhang and Jedrzejczyk exceeded all our expectations! This fight was possibly one of the greatest fights in women’s UFC history and given it was International Women’s weekend was quite fitting. From the opening bell Jedrzejczyk took the fight to the UFC champion landing some clean shots and moving in and out really well. Zhang responded with her super aggressive style and the exchanges were dramatic. You could see just how damaging the exchanges were with Zhang being cut early and Jedrzejczyk forehead swelling to abnormal levels almost making her unrecognisable after the fight. Up until the final bell the fight was in the balance and the decision could have gone either way, however Zhang was able to hold onto her UFC title. The fight going down in the history books as one of the greatest fights in women’s UFC history. Both girls were sent off to hospital after the fight, which gives you an insight into how much damage they inflicted on each other.

Paul Fitzgerald




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